How To Promote Your Website

There are countless ways to promote your website on the internet.

The following steps are one of the essential building blocks of getting your site listed with most of the major search engines.

Best of all they are all FOR FREE

  1. website submission to Google
  2. website submission to Yahoo
  3. Registering your website with DMOZ

Submitting Your Site to Google

  1. Go to this URL and follow the prompts

Submitting Your Site to Yahoo!

  1. Go to this URL and follow the prompts

Submitting your site to DMOZ

  1. Go to and identify the best category for your website. The Open Directory has a huge array of subjects for you to choose from. Naturally, you should submit a site to the single most relevant category.
  2. Once you’ve selected the best category for your site, go directly to that category on and then click “suggest URL.”
  3. Note: Some categories do not have “suggest URL” or “update URL” links. These categories don’t accept submissions, so you should find a more specific category for your site.
  4. Follow the instructions on the submission form step by step. Descriptions of sites should describe the content of the site concisely and accurately. They should not be promotional in nature. Submitting a promotional description rather than an objective, well written description may significantly delay your site from being listed or prevent your site from being listed at all.
  5. An official editor will review your submission and determine whether to include it in the directory. Depending on factors such as the volume of submissions to your category, it may take several weeks or more before your submission is reviewed. Please only submit a URL to the Open Directory once.