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At Tropixel we delight in creating stunning digital user experiences for our clients in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Perth

There two main types of apps; mobile web apps & native apps. We do both, and we do them well. It’s now common in conversation to hear people say “There’s an app for that!” as an answer to any of life’s big dilemmas. That’s because above and beyond basic entertainment or branding, apps are often used for clever problem solving. Custom mobile web or native apps offer fantastic ways to not only solidify your company’s position as front-of-mind, but also solve your customer’s woes and win their hearts through supplying helpful tools and information. Our Gold Coast app design team is here to help guide you through the entire app development process – from deciding what type of app you need, to ensuring your app finds the audience it deserves.

Web and Desktop Apps

Web apps are applications that are accessible over the internet on any kind of web browser, meaning you do not need to download and install them like native apps.

Tropixel can help your business soar with mobile apps that combine great design with smart business logic.

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Stunning Native Apps

Native applications are apps that run directly on your mobile phone or tablet. Tropixel develop apps for Apple devices like iPhone or iPad as well as Android platforms.

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Intuitive Icon Design

Like hieroglyphs of the modern digital age, icons need to communicate at a glance. From simple and clean icon designs through to the more intricate, we can custom design icons to best suit your app and its users.

At Tropixel, we use logic and great design to make icons that are instantly recognizable and intuitive. Our designers are experts at creating icons that stand out and stand up to the ultimate tests of time and usability.

Information Architecture

Information architecture is essential for creating successful and intuitive navigation schemes for software, making it easy for users to find desired information or functionality. In non-geek speak, this simply means making sure things like websites and apps are built less like a maze and more like a highway so people don’t get lost or sidetracked.

Usability Testing

We don’t decide what works – your customers do. We study your customer behavior to uncover their needs, pain points and opportunities for innovation so that you can serve them more efficiently.

Apps With Clever UI

User Interface Design (UI) as its sometimes known, is the art of making a user’s experience with technology as simple and efficient as possible. At Tropixel this means ensuring the design of your website or app is undertaken with the goal of enhancing overall usability and appeal.

UI is more that just prettying the pixels up. It’s the process of translating the entire way your app works to respond to the way your customers think. With smart UI, your apps will deliver engaging and unique user experiences every time.

App Marketing

Devising a great app is one thing, promoting it to your target market is another. No matter how exciting and feature-packed your app is, it will languish if users don’t know it exists.

Arguably the most important element of launching an app is your strategy and marketing. Let Tropixel use our experience and know-how to ensure your new app reaches the audience it was born to serve.

App-y To Assist You

When designing and developing your app, Tropixel make sure every base is covered.

  • Tropixel were invaluable in the full redesign and rethink of our user interface.Tropixel helped simplify and improve the workflow of my web app, which has has resulted in a visually beautiful and easy to use user experience.

    Trent Williams - Director for ClassMarker

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We've hand picked some of our favorites just for you.

Clean & Green Eating
App Development, UI, UX

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G-link App
Design, UI, UX, Development

Queensland’s first light rail opening needed a website and app that simplified all aspects of the new G:link services to ensure ease of use for commuters, yet also elevated available information access beyond basic timetables and itineraries. As an iconic city transport system for the Gold Coast built to meet future transport needs, the G:link website and App needed to utilise advanced technology yet still remain accessible by the majority of people across most devices. The brief also required the website and App to reflect the G:link’s strong existing ‘in your face’ branding. The App represents a strikingly clean, stylish and user-friendly public face for the G:link service. Both the website and app incorporates external data feeds to deliver GPS, Service Alerts, Ticket Outlets and live tram arrival times. The App even includes the ability for patrons to see Live Tram Tracking to access real-time information on how far away the next tram is. The project was delivered on time within a six month timeframe, including a month set aside to allow for approvals at a State Government level.

Tropixel handled delivery of the G:link website and App, including:
Scoping, Information architecture, Design, Development

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V2i User Interface
User Interface, Web App

Vision to Implementation are urban designers that also do 3D visualisation. Some people may think this is strange, but it’s actually quite smart. They use their urban design skills to make things look the way they should, to show what is most important, and to communicate the right messages to the right people all in a pocket sized web app. Sound like a smart idea to you too?  Tropixel handled V2i design, information architecture and user interface (UI).

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UI Design, UX

Quite often the best parts of New Zealand, the “gems”, the authentic New Zealand experiences are just a short detour away and iTravelNZ gives you the confidence to take that detour, explore more and find the New Zealand you’re looking for.

It’s with this idea that iTravelNZ began to develop their iPhone app. Once the first version was built they felt that, unlike New Zealand, the app was not engaging enough for people to want to explore the app itself. This is were we came in.

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AllMyFunds Icon Design
Icon Design, Website

With continual enhancements and development, the company has grown to meet the changing market trends and demand coming from both advisers and dealer groups. By focusing on this industry-driven demand AllMyFunds has concentrated on delivering an inexpensive method to provide a high volume, low-touch generic advice process which is affordable to advisers.

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Gamebreaker OSX UI
Icon Design, User Interface Design

Sportstec GB is a powerful video editing tool that lets you highlight your key performance moments. Designed for users whose vision to SEE and IMPROVE is part of their core fabric. Gamebreaker gives you true vision of the game, unlocking a whole new world of professional best practice. Developed by Sportstec and used around the world, Gamebreaker gives you the keys to unlocking human potential.

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Ul, UX

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