TROPiXEL make creative & functional APPS
in a continuously emerging environment

Apps are becoming a must-have for many businesses to improve productivity and engagement. At TROPiXEL we custom build mobile apps for iPhone, Android and web apps. 

Mobile apps run directly on your iPhone or android mobile or tablet. These apps must be downloaded and installed to be accessed. 

Web apps are accessible over the internet from your mobile or tablet. You do not need to download and install them like mobile apps.



Mobile apps run directly on your mobile smartphone or tablet. They must be downloaded and installed to be accessed, at TROPiXEL we develop apps for iPhone and Android. 

Web apps are applications that are accessible over the internet from your mobile or tablet. You do not need to download and install them like mobile apps.

All apps are custom designed and developed to suit your specific business needs, therefore every app will be priced differently. For a free quote please contact us.

The time to build an app varies as each project is unique. However, generally the minimum timeframe for a very simple app would be three months to develop. Then depending on the complexity of the app and structure of your project, the timeframe can extend much longer to complete. This will timeframe will be estimated once the project brief has been provided.

The initial stage is for us to work with you to ensure we fully understand and can successfully develop your app idea. Then we design the app and once approved, the app starts the development phase. Our online team of developers will build the app to work on multiple platforms. There is a rigorous testing process in place to make sure that the app is ready to be released. Then we recommend that your business begins marketing of the app. 


Like hieroglyphs of the modern digital age, icons need to communicate at a glance. From simple and clean icon designs through to the more intricate, we can custom design icons to best suit your app and its users.

At Tropixel, we use logic and great design to make icons that are instantly recognizable and intuitive. Our designers are experts at creating icons that stand out and stand up to the ultimate tests of time and usability.



User Interface Design (UI) as its sometimes known, is the art of making a user’s experience with technology as simple and efficient as possible. At Tropixel this means ensuring the design of your website or app is undertaken with the goal of enhancing overall usability and appeal.

UI is more that just prettying the pixels up. It’s the process of translating the entire way your app works to respond to the way your customers think. With smart UI, your apps will deliver engaging and unique user experiences every time.



Information architecture is essential for creating successful and intuitive navigation schemes for software, making it easy for users to find desired information or functionality. In non-geek speak, this simply means making sure things like websites and apps are built less like a maze and more like a highway so people don’t get lost or sidetracked.



Devising a great app is one thing, promoting it to your target market is another. No matter how exciting and feature-packed your app is, it will languish if users don’t know it exists.

Arguably the most important element of launching an app is your strategy and marketing. Let Tropixel use our experience and know-how to ensure your new app reaches the audience it was born to serve.


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