How To Promote Your Facebook Page

Promoting your business is easy when you do it smart! There is no point having a Facebook Page for your business, group, or cause if you don’t promote it. There are countless ways for you to do this. Here are our top tips: The first tips are ‘no-brainers’ but still worth mentioning: Follow Facebook’s lead […]

How To Read Your Google Analytics Report

Visits – you can quickly see how many visits (not to be confused with unique visitors) were reported in that time frame. Pages/Visit – this gives you an idea of the ‘stickiness’ of your site, or the effectiveness of your navigation, depending on your site. With a hobbyist/informational site, having a higher number here means […]

Registering a Domain Name through the Domain Name Shop

Got to the Tropixel Domain Name Shop Enter your domain name into the light grey field and select (or any other suffix from the list below) and press the orange “search” button If your domain name is still available please “tick” the availability tick box and the terms and conditions and hit the orange […]

Email Forwarder

How to add an email forwarder through your websites cpanel You will require your websites cpanel access details to follow this tutorial. Ask your website developer to provide these to you if you don’t already have them on file.

How To Install Fonts On Your Computer

How To Install Fonts On Your Computer Fonts aren’t enclosed in a document when sending them from computer A to computer B. Hence, your correspondant can only view the fonts installed on his computer. The only way to ensure they will see it they way you do is by creating a PDF of the file […]

How to view long headers of your email

Apple Mail 1. Start Apple Mail and select the message of interest. 2. Go to the “View” menu and select “Message” and then “Long Headers.” 3. Paste the copied text into a reply to your ticket. If you do not already have a ticket open, please e-mail the copied text to the Entourage 1. […]