How To Set Up A Facebook Page For Your Business

You’d think that setting up a website for your business on Facebook is easy? Facebook is amoungst the biggest & most popular websites on earth, so you’d think they’d should make this process simple right?

NO! I tried 3 times and failed three times and just when I was almost about to throw my computer out the window I came across several well written posts that finally got me through…

I think where most people come unstuck (including myself) is that they want to set up their Facebook Business Page completely separate to their personal account. Whilst this is technically possible it is not advisable to do for two reasons.

  1. Facebook can ban your site if they find out that your site is purely there for business purposes.
  2. Your audience is more likely to connect with a business that has a “face” to it rather than being purely a corporate institution.

Rest assured though, people that become a fan by hitting the “like” won’t have access to your personal information (unless you add them as a friend).

So, enough said, below is my very SIMPLE step by step guide to creating and promoting your Facebook page for your business.

All of these articles assume you have a Facebook profile for yourself already in place.

  1. This article will take you through your first steps
  2. Once you have set up your Page and have populated it with your content, you will need to promote your Facbook Business Page. The two easiest ways of doing this besides inviting your Friends to become fans is by:
    1. Creating a Facebook Ad that promotes your Page.
    2. Promoting your site with a “Like” button on your main business website
  3. 25 fans or more allow you to secure yourself a shortened Facebook Username. (i.e.